About us

SchnurreschildHealthy nutrition for cats is our mission. With a home prepared cat food you always know what’s in the bowl, because you put it there. And we are here to assist you to safely prepare the best cat food for your cat next to mice.

Tatzenladen is a small, family-run company and our business has steadily grown by word of mouth. Since 2007 we have been operating our own production facility for the manufacture of TCPremix, a powdered premix for making homemade cat food, organic liver powders, and all-natural grain-free premium cat treats.
In addition, we are distributing cat food supplements for raw food enthusiasts to customise their own homemade, raw meat cat food. All our products are carefully sourced and contain only the highest quality human-grade ingredients.

We are concerned about the welfare of animals and the environement and therefore wish to grow our business in an ethical way. For this reason, we are a certified organic manufacturer and a member of “Biokreis", a German-based organic food label. For further details please view our certificate online.

We want to stay in close communication to our customers. So whatever question you may have, please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Thank you for your visit and enjoy your stay!