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Profeline verfolgt seit Anbeginn im Jahre 2003 eine wertorientierte Produkt-Philosophie, bei der die Bedürfnisse der Katzen und Katzenbesitzer immer im Vordergrund stehen.
Profeline bietet Katzenspielzeug in modernem Design für höchste Ansprüche. Hochwertige Materialien, handwerkliche Vollendung und katzengerechte Gestaltung machen aus jedem Katzenartikel nicht nur einen einfachen Gebrauchsartikel, sondern einen Wertgegenstand für ein Katzenleben.

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Organic Cotton Play Star Organic Cotton Play Star
The play star is made of certified organic fabrics . Cat-friendly size and shape - stripe fabric combined with cotton-plush side. The star is the perfect gift for your cat. Ribbons with knots at the end make your cat pull and carry....
€12.95 *
Woolen Ducky Woolen Ducky
WoolenDucky - made of 100% wool felted by hand. A rattle is integrated i nside the funny felted duck head, at the end of the felt band. By gently pulling or swinging the felt rod, a soft warm, rattling sound is generated, for extra fun....
€16.95 *
Woolly Long Mouse Woolly Long Mouse
The extra large felt mouse from the Pure Wool Collection - made of 100% wool felted by hand. Woolly LongMouse - the new cat rod with hand loop made of 100% wool felt. With its extra long and thick felt band, the 12 cm long mouse will...
€28.95 *
Felted Teaser Felted Teaser
Made of 100% natural materials. The Felted Teaser is made of 100 % wool felted by hand. An octopus with 8 felt legs at the end of a felt cord is attached to a thick wooden stick. With this unique cat rod playing with your cat becomes a...
€18.95 *
Woody Rod Woody Rod
The Woody is ideal for playing with your cat. Attachements are available separately so you only need one rod and then choose different attachments for variety play. The flexible 50cm rod has a grip handle with a male fixing on the other...
€12.95 *
Exotic Butterfly attachment Exotic Butterfly attachment
Exotic Butterfly refill made of natural, undyed feathers, and fits the Woody Rod. If your cats like to chase Butterflys, this is the refill you need. With this refill the Butterfly at the end of the string can wiggle and fly around, and...
€8.49 *
Papillon Pepita Butterfly attachment Papillon Pepita Butterfly attachment
The giant butterfly "Papillon" made of 4 large feathers as wings attached to a narrow body. Fits the Woody Rod. This butterfly looks like a real insect. If your cats like to chase Butterflys, this is the refill you need. With this refill...
€6.99 *
Organic Cotton Fluffy Chick Organic Cotton Fluffy Chick
The organic cotton chick in a fluffy wool look - handmade in Germany. Fits the woody rod. The fluffy chick smelling of catnip and valerian, can be cuddled and plucked at the ribbons or you let it spin through the air at a fishing rod...
€14.95 *
Pepita Feather Attachment Pepita Feather Attachment
The Pepita F eather attachment fits the Woody Rod. They are made with two guinea fowl feathers in black and white . Feathers are fixed to stop the feathers coming out. It spins through the air simulating a flying bird. Wonderful sound of...
€5.99 *
Catnip Buddy Catnip Buddy
The extra large catnip and valerian cat toy Buddy is manufactured in Germany . It is extremely robust and has an ideal size to play and fight. Filled with a mixture of high-quality french CatNip and Valerian. Thanks to the fluffy woven...
€24.95 *
Organic Candy stick attachment Organic Candy stick attachment
CandyStick - Made with love in Germany. The CandyStick attachment fits the woody rod is made of 100% organic cotton and filled with 10 g catnip / valerian. Two ribbons swing in the air and encourage your cat to play. Suitable for all...
€8.99 *