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Tarot Box Fortune´s Watcher Tarot Box Fortune´s Watcher
This tarot box is worthy of any mantelpiece. Looking like a lost stone altar deep in the forest - pitted with lichen at the top as tendrils of ivy creep around the bottom - the box has numbers circling the outside, naming the major...
€39.50 *
The Witching Hour Figurine The Witching Hour Figurine
Immortalised in resin, this Fantasy figurine comes from the magical imagination of the talented Lisa Parker. Resting on some leather-bound occult books on top of a section of wooden table, this black cat reclines, tail curled up...
€79.90 *
Eclipse Cat Spell Book Figurine Eclipse Cat Spell Book Figurine
This charming cat is cast in high-quality resin before being lovingly hand-painted. Relaxing on a beautifully hand-painted spell book, this black cat has a silver pentagram medallion hanging from their red collar. A cute companion for...
€23.90 *
Spirits of Salem Figurine Spirits of Salem Figurine
Born in the mind of world-renowned magical artist Lisa Parker, this beautifully crafted figurine is embodying the true spirit of Salem. This jet black witch's familiar sits above an aged skull. The carving in the skull is a true map of...
€56.90 *
Box The Charmed One Box The Charmed One
A cat's head stares directly at you, hard yellow eyes portraying a soul touched by Witchcraft. The points of a pentagram can be seen from behind, with large networks of Ivy clinging to the frame. Moving on from the lid, the sides of the...
€27.90 *
Candle Holder Midnight, 15 cm Candle Holder Midnight, 15 cm
This charming cat candle holder is cast in high-quality resin before being painstakingly hand-painted. A pillar of carved grey stone rises up, curving inwards in the middle. Ivy crawls up it, creeping around the purple gems set in carved...
€26.90 *
Familiars Love Goblets Set of 2 Familiars Love Goblets Set of 2
"When I look into your eyes, I see the promise of love". When placed together the stems form the shape of a heart. Adorned with intricate silver baroque detailing rising from the metallic base to the stainless-steel rim, this goblet is...
€56.90 *