Profeline Woolly Long Mouse

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The extra large felt mouse from the Pure Wool Collection - made of 100% wool felted by hand.... more

The extra large felt mouse from the Pure Wool Collection - made of 100% wool felted by hand.

Woolly LongMouse - the new cat rod with hand loop made of 100% wool felt. With its extra long and thick felt band, the 12 cm long mouse will inspire your cat and the wild hunt can begin. This cat toy must not be handled carefully. The mouse is made of soft and flexible material and can also be used as a throwing toy.

Cats love the smell of natural wool - with the Pure Wool series you get a high-quality product, your cat will enjoy for a long time. The cat toys of the Pure Wool Collection are manufactured in Kathmandu (Nepal) by a Fair Trade company in handwork. Felted only with water and soap, the wool toys dry in the sun.
And if your cat is gnawing on the wool - don't worry - the naturally dyed cat products are fully digestible. All products are absolutely natural and made from renewable raw materials. The high-quality felt is robust and extra firmly felted.

Mouse ca. 12 x 5,5 cm, felt tape ca.1,2 meter
100 % wool, 100 % handmade
This product is absolutely natural and made of renewable raw material.
Each Long Mouse is unique and individually in shape and length of the felt band.

Wool is naturally antibacterial and dirt repellent. Sheep wool also has a high self-cleaning power.
Further positive characteristics are a naturally regulating thermo-heat, breathable at any time of the year, skin and fur sympathetic and there is no static charge.

What is felting?
When Fabrics made of cotton or wool are felted, it is making them thicker and more compact. Only soap and water are used for wet felting.

Hide toys when not in use and supervise your pet while playing at all times.